Thursday, January 31, 2008

January 31st Knit Night AND Location Change!!

What an AWESOME knit night!!!

So, so tickled Jessi (mistress of yarny goodness and stitch markers) was able to make it tonight!!! (Glad the plague has left your house and may it not return any time soon)!!

GREAT cables girl....I would be grinning big too!!! Love the Central Park Hoodie...can't wait to snap a pic of you wearing the finished product!!

Denise was able to make it tonight and it was such a pleasure to get to meet her!!! She is SOOOO going to fit in with this group...all we needed to do was check out her knitting bag (which of course I failed to make a picture).....but there were OH so many patterns, and projects going on in that bag....oh are one of us!!! LOL!!!

Suzanne was back with us this week....walking in with her big bag-O-Crack...I mean...YARN....AND her cocoknits shoe!!!!

(Very sorry for not photographing your AWESOME hand knit skirt.....I'll blame it on the yarn fumes)!!!

Suzanne missed out on the American Patchwork Sophie's Toes sock yarn that was up for sale earlier in the week....and being the yarn sock hoarder that I am..... just happened to have a skein that was practically the same color so a trade was negotiated.....however.....turns out there was additional yarn of said color available after all!! BUT...since she DID Have that big bag of sock yarn...all brands I had never knit with...I quickly zeroed in on a particular yarn that I have seen on blogs and before she could blink an eye I had snatched it from the depths of the bag and it was MINE....ALL MINE......(I'll be sending Suzanne a list of yarns for her to choose from not to worry). Sorry Suzanne...I didn't mean to snatch the bag of yarn from you.....well....actually I guess I did...but it wasn't my fault....just too many
yarns to touch!!!!!!

Suzanne was helping Marie with a SECOND hat.....yes....she completed a less than a week...YOU GO GIRL and is well on her way with her second (another failed photo op).....I am s.l.o.w.l.y. getting better pictures and will try my best next week to get pictures of EVERYTHING everyone is working on!!

Both Suzanne and Denise attend the knit night hosted by In The Making and won't be with us next will both be missed VERY much and we all look forward to the next time you are able to join us!!!

Jan and I both have a hard time smiling when it comes to picture isn't that we don't like to smile or laugh....we just can't stare at a camera and make all pretty......Hee, Hee....I won't tell you what I said to Jan to get her to smile like that!!!! LOL!!!

Jessi brought Cindy her yardage counter to calculate some handspun that Cindy brought. As a matter of fact, both Cindy and Bibby brought THE most gorgeous hand spun yarn...oh my, just too pretty and so is all going to knit into the most wonderful me...I was so blown away I failed to make a picture!!

Meet Pat......never knit....sat right down her knit and purl going on....I'm thinking we are going to have some stiff competition ladies!! Just a phenomenal job!! Pat also crochets!

Pat also shared some BEAUTIFUL pictures that she made. One of Pat's hobbies is digital photography....hope you will share some of your other pictures with us next time....we all enjoyed the ones you brought tonight!!! that a mischievous look or WHAT???

Showing off her felted bag which makes a GREAT knitting bag!!!

Inside this awesome bag was some mighty fine balls of yarn and a sweater that Bibby is making for her is in there...I just FAILED to get a picture!!!

We missed Camille who was attending the Rat Pack play, Ginger was greatly missed, her little sweetie is cutting his first tooth and is having a hard time right now. Kay and Kristie were unable to attend but were missed. Hoping Donna cane make it next week and of course we missed Holly.

I got a call FROM HOLLY (we are talking only a few hours after her surgery) .....she was just checking to see if we were having a good Knit Night......and to tell me that she had 4 mg. of Morphine in her tiny little body, was feeling Noooooo pain and was feeling VERY talkative, because apparently when you give such a tiny person such a large dose of Morphine it makes them hyper rather than sleepy...painfree thankfully....but very hyper.....something about waiting for her liquid tray to arrive......which I am sure she will have absolutely no recall of the entire conversation by tomorrow....... BUT....the surgery is over, she will be home by lunch tomorrow and has high hopes of making it to Knit Night next week!!!!

What an AWESOME group and too much fun and knit talk going on!!!

** I was contacted by Cynthia Sartin, a member of the Knit Wits...(the group of knitters that used to meet at the Coffee House once a month). Apparently, they had the same idea we had about Matzos deli as a great place to knit.

Cynthia asked if we would be interested in joining their group NEXT Thursday, February 7th at Matzo's deli. Cynthia said that they have about 8-10 that attend their monthly knit night and asked that we all meet, see how it goes, if both parties like the atmosphere and would like to return then the Knit Wits will see how many can commit to a weekly knit night.....we will talk amongst ourselves and if the majority would like to meet at Matzo's with the other group on a weekly basis we will give it a try. week we will meet at Matzo's deli (formerly the Pink Lady)......the Knit Wits meet at 6:00....I told her we typically meet around 6:30 but will see about trying to get there a bit earlier if we could. Let's see how it goes and decide from there. If you will click on the menu it will enlarge so you can see what kind of food and prices they offer.
Looking forward to checking out Matzos and hopefully having a better place to meet for future Knit Nights!!!
Again, sorry for the knitting that I failed to take pictures of.....will try to do better next time!!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Program!

After a GREAT evening out last week to celebrate Camille's birthday, we will be back to our regular schedule this week.

Jessi (of S.E.X. and Candy yarn fame) going to join us...YIPPEE!!!! (Jessi decided to let her husband live after plans to attend last weeks birthday dinner was cancelled due to him coming down with the crud the kids had JUST gotten over)!! LOL!!!

Donna is going to try to join us this week. She has been very busy fulfilling orders for a zillion tams.....sounds like she needs a break from crochet and knit for a bit!! Hope you can make it Donna!!

Kristie is also planning on meeting with us this week. Kristie has recently moved back to Trussville and we are tickled she is going to be "back in the fold"!!!

Suzanne will be joining us again this week as well and I can't WAIT to see her again and hear all about the fabulous Cocoknit Loafers!!! (Check out her blog for more info)!!

Denise: A friend of Suzanne's that I met through Ravelry is also going to join us tomorrow night!!! We have emailed a bit and I am really looking forward to meeting Denise!!

Also, Pat will be joining us for the first time!!! Pat stopped by our group a few weeks ago and expressed a desire to learn to knit and will be joining us tonight to learn to knit!!! YEA PAT!!!!!!!!

See everyone this Thursday, 6:30-ish at Books A Million in Trussville!!

P.S. Stay tuned....there may be a big announcment by Friday!!!!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

A Little Margarita With That Yarn?????

Chicks With Sticks met at Frontera Grill for Mexican and Margaritas last night and OH my....what fun we had!!!

L to R: Holly, Kay, Suzanne, Bibby, Marie, Camille (Happy Birthday Camille), Cindy, Ginger and Jan. would appear that the photographer finished her Margarita before anyone else....YEA...I Win, I Win!! LOL!!

We were SOOOO tickled to have Suzanne join us!!!

I met Suzanne through her blog a while back and we have been emailing every since!! Just so excited to have her join us!!

Suzanne is one of the teachers at In The Making and is teaching a lace knitting as well as a Fair Isle class in February and again in March. Be sure and check out all the classes they are teaching!! Suzanne also shared with us her fiber addiction...(which of course being fellow sisters in fiber lust we welcomed her with open arms).....another woman with her priorities straight.....yarn first...all else second!! LOL!!

Suzanne also brought her monkey sock knit with Jessie's sock yarn she recently had for sale in her Etsy shop.....S.E.X. and Candy....oh about Buttah are GOOOOD girl!!!!! Can't wait to see what you post next time!!! The way the colors pooled on this sock were just gorgeous......we are jealous Suzanne!!!!!

Lot's of yarn talk, tales of Suzanne's trip to Rome and just all around good conversation!!!

We were so glad to see Holly too!!! We will miss you next Thursday and will be sending lot's of good thoughts your way!!!!!

Bibby wore her Bulky V Neck sweater that she recently finished. Mission Falls yarn....LOVE the contrasting thread at the neck. If you will recall, this is the sweater that Bibby had requested a special knitters prayer for........down to the end...and no yarn left. After a trip to the LYS additional skeins were purchased....although a different dye lot....but knitting karma won out and you would NEVER know there were different dye lot's used!!!

Well Done Bibby!!!!!!!!!!!

Marie was working on a cap out of some bright, happy red yarn and we are all looking forward to seeing this progress!!

It will be back to regular Knit Night next Thursday, 6:30, Books A Million......
OH....and we will have Pat joining us next week to learn to knit....YEAH PAT!!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Don't Forget!!

No Knitting this Thursday, January 24th! We will meet at Frontera for Mexican and Margaritas!!!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Moment of Silence Please!!!

I just really need to vent Chickies!!! You know I'm working on my "3rd times a charm" sweater, which has undergone much tinking in the form of ripping. Well, I only lack about 5 inches on the last sleeve & the sweater will be finished. I have run out of yarn..........
I did travel to the LYS today and they had 3 skeins left, but none with the same lot number.

Please, please say a prayer for my sleeve....................that it doesn't look like an outcast when finished!!!

Thanks to all!


Monday, January 21, 2008

Our VERY Talented Ginger!!!

Be sure and check out Ginger's blog!!

Not only are there some VERY cute pics of the Little Man and his first experience with snow....but there is an announcement........ Ginger has been published........AGAIN!!

Take the time to go through her is WELL worth it!! Ginger takes so many great photos from around the South and has been published quite a few times!!!!


Thursday, January 17, 2008

January 17th Knit Night

What a fun night!!

* photography skills will hopefully get better in the coming weeks...I WILL remember to take pictures of WIP, use the delete button and RE-SHOOT!!! LOL!

Cindy spent the evening helping get Marie back on track with her sock knitting. explain to me again how you decreased from 64 and ended up with 85 stitches???? LOL!!!

Marie started her first pair of socks before Christmas and is getting close to finishing!!

Cindy was working on a ruffle scarf with her very first spun yarn....(check her blog because I was a bad blogger and didn't get a picture).....but I love, love, LOVE it!! You will also see her SECOND spun yarn.....purple and absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! Can't wait to see what you make with it!!!

We were so tickled Ginger was able to come tonight!! Ginger has a sweet little one at home (I can't believe he is 6 months already!!!)....mighty hard to leave him ....even for knitting!!

Ginger is the scarf queen, naming each and every scarf....I believe this latest one was decided to be called Mocha Java????

Jan also came tonight and was working from her personal stash (which we believe would rival any yarn store in the south)! LOL!!

L to R: Jan, Kay and Tessa (who joined us tonight for the first time)!!

A bit of history: Tessa and I worked together about six years ago. We both changed jobs and lost touch until today!! I was SOOOOO tickled to find Tessa again!!! What a GREAT, GREAT girl she is!!! THE most fun to work with....ALWAYS laughing, cutting up....(see that smile on her face??).....

Tessa is a knitter AND a hooker!! Woo Hoo!!

Kay cast on for a scarf that her daughter saw at In The Making right before Christmas........ cast on 100 stitches......say WHAT???? It is going to be VERY pretty...each row a different yarn, all cream with silk ribbons!!

Bibby.....who keeps us all laughing and is the queen of conversation!!

LOVE YA!!!!!

We missed everyone that wasn't able to attend and look forward to next week when we meet at Frontera for dinner!

I'm already looking forward to the NEXT time we can all meet to knit....nothing like it!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Birthday News!!

Birthday Update:
Mark your calendar now! January 24th we will meet at Frontera at 6:30 for Mexican and Margaritas to celebrate Camille's birthday!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

I just wanted to say Thank You for the invite to Thursday Night! I enjoyed everyone I met and look forward to meeting some of the others that regularly attend. The rain, oh how we need that down pour. It just gave us ladies a reason to stay a little while longer when the bottom fell out when we were getting ready to leave. I really am excited to see where you girls take me on this new yarn loving adventure. I love the girl groupy kind of fun things and I am glad Jessi lead me in such a great direction. Thanks Jessi! I can't wait for your husband's schedule to change.

I think Darlene, Cindy and Camille definately convinced me to lean more towards circulars than dpn's. I went to pick up my hat, that I had been working on the next night after work and I had dropped several stitches off the end. Definately worth investing in, circulars that is, if not for any other reason you can push them down on the wire.

Look forward to next week, when we meet again and get to meet others.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Despite the bad weather several of the die-hard knitters were in attendance for the first Knit Night of the New Year for Chicks With Sticks!!

DESPITE the fact that one of my goals for the New Year is to keep this blog updated, DESPITE the fact that I bought a camera to keep in my knitting bag so I would ALWAYS have a camera handy.....I forgot to use it....BAD,BAD, Blogger!!! I will do better I promise!! LOL!!!

In addition to Camille, Cindy, Annie, and myself, Holly braved the weather and joined us for the first time!! What a GREAT person!!! Holly has not been knitting but about a year and is already tackling socks and from what she showed us is off to a FANTASTIC start!!! I predict she will be "hooked" on socks!! LOL!!

There was lot's of good conversation taking place while the needles were clicking away!!

Cindy was working on making a ruffle scarf with her VERY first handspun yarn!!!! (Which of course I made no pictures).....This is a bulky weight (by my guestimation) chocolate brown and cream plied yarn and it is REALLY PURDY I must say!!! I can't WAIT to see the finished scarf!! Do NOT frog this.....oh great Frog Queen!!!

Holly was working on a cap made from Jasper Yarn by Berroco and it is VERY soft and will make a GREAT hat!! I have seen this yarn online but had not "fondled" any...I will most definitely be adding some to my stash in the near future!!

Camille was working on her first of two scarves for a friend's daughters and of course being a lefty it is always fascinating to watch her knit!!

I was working on a pair of socks out of Blue Moon Fiber Arts, STR yarn, Hollydays colorway that was a gift from Cindy......K3, P1 vanilla pattern. Just can't beat it!!

Annie.....grab you some needles and yarn girl!!!!!!!! LOL!!!

Amidst all the conversation we discovered that Camille and Holly live on the same street, only a few houses from each other!! It is indeed a small world!!!

Holly shared some great stories about herself and her sister....who lives in Seattle, a visit to the Pike Market...some fish tossing...and yarn dyeing as well as visiting some AWESOME yarn shops on her recent visit to Seattle. We also quizzed Holly on her yarn stash ....(she shyly looked down when mentioning she had a plastic tub full of yarn, like it might be too much???) LOL!! we turned her on to KnitPicks...oh yes.....we are enablers of the best kind!!! LOL!!! NEVER, NEVER can a knitter have too much yarn in her stash Holly.....

In fact, here is a pic of just my BMF sock yarn....doesn't look too impressive but I have 30 hanks of yarn carmmed in this basket-o-bliss!!!

What a joy it was to have Holly join us and I am looking forward to next week!!!

We also have several other girls that don't live as close as Holly does that plan to visit us from time to time this year.....Suzanne who lives in Bessemer and Denise who lives close to Trussville, whom I met on Ravelry. Bibby invited a girl from her ENT's office too!!! knitters in the mix!!

Missed everyone that wasn't able to attend and hope to see everyone next week!!!!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Happy 2008!!!

Chicks With Sticks will have our first Knit Night of the year this Thursday night, January 10th!

A New Year.....some NEW faces and I am sure NEW and wonderful friendships will be formed!!

Holly hopes to join us this Thursday night.

Jessi met Holly and told her about our group...thanks Jessi!! Holly and I have emailed several times and it sounds like she is going to be a WONDERFUL addition to the group!!!!

Also....Jessi is going to become one of the "regulars" starting this Summer.....YEAH JESSI!!!!! We LOVE her and can't wait for her husband's work schedule to change allowing him to keep the little ones so she can come S&B with us in person....(but she is definitely with us in spirit even though she can't regularly attend right now)! Be sure and check out Jessi's Etsy Shop....a word of warning....if you see something you like better grab it....because it goes FAST!! I hesitated on some sock yarn and a few minutes later it was GONE!!!

It was my hopes when I started this blog a year or so ago that our group would use it as a way to stay connected between meetings. It is my hope that everyone will check the blog at least once a week to see if there are any announcements, patterns, pics, etc. I want this to be a community blog for us.

So many times when we gather to knit we want to share patterns, Etsy shop info, websites, etc and this site would be a GREAT way to share with the group as opposed to sending an EM. This is a great way to store information......3 months from now when you want to make a pattern that someone shared and you can't find it you can refer back to this site for the pattern!!

I want everyone to feel free to post your pattern/recipe/tip/family pics as well as WIP, FO's, anything that you would like to share!! After all, we are SO much more than just a simple knitting group!!

Looking forward to Thursday night!!!

Until then...........