Thursday, January 31, 2008

January 31st Knit Night AND Location Change!!

What an AWESOME knit night!!!

So, so tickled Jessi (mistress of yarny goodness and stitch markers) was able to make it tonight!!! (Glad the plague has left your house and may it not return any time soon)!!

GREAT cables girl....I would be grinning big too!!! Love the Central Park Hoodie...can't wait to snap a pic of you wearing the finished product!!

Denise was able to make it tonight and it was such a pleasure to get to meet her!!! She is SOOOO going to fit in with this group...all we needed to do was check out her knitting bag (which of course I failed to make a picture).....but there were OH so many patterns, and projects going on in that bag....oh are one of us!!! LOL!!!

Suzanne was back with us this week....walking in with her big bag-O-Crack...I mean...YARN....AND her cocoknits shoe!!!!

(Very sorry for not photographing your AWESOME hand knit skirt.....I'll blame it on the yarn fumes)!!!

Suzanne missed out on the American Patchwork Sophie's Toes sock yarn that was up for sale earlier in the week....and being the yarn sock hoarder that I am..... just happened to have a skein that was practically the same color so a trade was negotiated.....however.....turns out there was additional yarn of said color available after all!! BUT...since she DID Have that big bag of sock yarn...all brands I had never knit with...I quickly zeroed in on a particular yarn that I have seen on blogs and before she could blink an eye I had snatched it from the depths of the bag and it was MINE....ALL MINE......(I'll be sending Suzanne a list of yarns for her to choose from not to worry). Sorry Suzanne...I didn't mean to snatch the bag of yarn from you.....well....actually I guess I did...but it wasn't my fault....just too many
yarns to touch!!!!!!

Suzanne was helping Marie with a SECOND hat.....yes....she completed a less than a week...YOU GO GIRL and is well on her way with her second (another failed photo op).....I am s.l.o.w.l.y. getting better pictures and will try my best next week to get pictures of EVERYTHING everyone is working on!!

Both Suzanne and Denise attend the knit night hosted by In The Making and won't be with us next will both be missed VERY much and we all look forward to the next time you are able to join us!!!

Jan and I both have a hard time smiling when it comes to picture isn't that we don't like to smile or laugh....we just can't stare at a camera and make all pretty......Hee, Hee....I won't tell you what I said to Jan to get her to smile like that!!!! LOL!!!

Jessi brought Cindy her yardage counter to calculate some handspun that Cindy brought. As a matter of fact, both Cindy and Bibby brought THE most gorgeous hand spun yarn...oh my, just too pretty and so is all going to knit into the most wonderful me...I was so blown away I failed to make a picture!!

Meet Pat......never knit....sat right down her knit and purl going on....I'm thinking we are going to have some stiff competition ladies!! Just a phenomenal job!! Pat also crochets!

Pat also shared some BEAUTIFUL pictures that she made. One of Pat's hobbies is digital photography....hope you will share some of your other pictures with us next time....we all enjoyed the ones you brought tonight!!! that a mischievous look or WHAT???

Showing off her felted bag which makes a GREAT knitting bag!!!

Inside this awesome bag was some mighty fine balls of yarn and a sweater that Bibby is making for her is in there...I just FAILED to get a picture!!!

We missed Camille who was attending the Rat Pack play, Ginger was greatly missed, her little sweetie is cutting his first tooth and is having a hard time right now. Kay and Kristie were unable to attend but were missed. Hoping Donna cane make it next week and of course we missed Holly.

I got a call FROM HOLLY (we are talking only a few hours after her surgery) .....she was just checking to see if we were having a good Knit Night......and to tell me that she had 4 mg. of Morphine in her tiny little body, was feeling Noooooo pain and was feeling VERY talkative, because apparently when you give such a tiny person such a large dose of Morphine it makes them hyper rather than sleepy...painfree thankfully....but very hyper.....something about waiting for her liquid tray to arrive......which I am sure she will have absolutely no recall of the entire conversation by tomorrow....... BUT....the surgery is over, she will be home by lunch tomorrow and has high hopes of making it to Knit Night next week!!!!

What an AWESOME group and too much fun and knit talk going on!!!

** I was contacted by Cynthia Sartin, a member of the Knit Wits...(the group of knitters that used to meet at the Coffee House once a month). Apparently, they had the same idea we had about Matzos deli as a great place to knit.

Cynthia asked if we would be interested in joining their group NEXT Thursday, February 7th at Matzo's deli. Cynthia said that they have about 8-10 that attend their monthly knit night and asked that we all meet, see how it goes, if both parties like the atmosphere and would like to return then the Knit Wits will see how many can commit to a weekly knit night.....we will talk amongst ourselves and if the majority would like to meet at Matzo's with the other group on a weekly basis we will give it a try. week we will meet at Matzo's deli (formerly the Pink Lady)......the Knit Wits meet at 6:00....I told her we typically meet around 6:30 but will see about trying to get there a bit earlier if we could. Let's see how it goes and decide from there. If you will click on the menu it will enlarge so you can see what kind of food and prices they offer.
Looking forward to checking out Matzos and hopefully having a better place to meet for future Knit Nights!!!
Again, sorry for the knitting that I failed to take pictures of.....will try to do better next time!!!


At 10:59 PM, Blogger Suzanne B said...

Wow! That was fast!

I had a great time again tonight and will see you ladies in two weeks!!

At 1:21 PM, Blogger Bubblesknits said...

Cynthia Sartin is the hubby's assistant's mother. Did you follow that? Small world, huh? :-)

I had a great time! That was definitely a beautiful skirt, Suzanne! I bow down to your skillz. ;-)

Oh, and someone remind me not to look like a freakin' maniac the next time Darlene points the camera at me. lol

At 4:24 PM, Blogger Cindy said...

Good post. I'm going to post next week. We never get a picture of Darlene because she is always behind the camera and she is soooooo photogenic. I hate her. LOL! Not really. She's the best! We had a great time. This group just keeps getting better. Glad all the new blood is with us.

At 4:26 PM, Blogger Cindy said...

I think I'll have a Rueben with some tater salad on the side. Yum!


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