Friday, January 11, 2008

Despite the bad weather several of the die-hard knitters were in attendance for the first Knit Night of the New Year for Chicks With Sticks!!

DESPITE the fact that one of my goals for the New Year is to keep this blog updated, DESPITE the fact that I bought a camera to keep in my knitting bag so I would ALWAYS have a camera handy.....I forgot to use it....BAD,BAD, Blogger!!! I will do better I promise!! LOL!!!

In addition to Camille, Cindy, Annie, and myself, Holly braved the weather and joined us for the first time!! What a GREAT person!!! Holly has not been knitting but about a year and is already tackling socks and from what she showed us is off to a FANTASTIC start!!! I predict she will be "hooked" on socks!! LOL!!

There was lot's of good conversation taking place while the needles were clicking away!!

Cindy was working on making a ruffle scarf with her VERY first handspun yarn!!!! (Which of course I made no pictures).....This is a bulky weight (by my guestimation) chocolate brown and cream plied yarn and it is REALLY PURDY I must say!!! I can't WAIT to see the finished scarf!! Do NOT frog this.....oh great Frog Queen!!!

Holly was working on a cap made from Jasper Yarn by Berroco and it is VERY soft and will make a GREAT hat!! I have seen this yarn online but had not "fondled" any...I will most definitely be adding some to my stash in the near future!!

Camille was working on her first of two scarves for a friend's daughters and of course being a lefty it is always fascinating to watch her knit!!

I was working on a pair of socks out of Blue Moon Fiber Arts, STR yarn, Hollydays colorway that was a gift from Cindy......K3, P1 vanilla pattern. Just can't beat it!!

Annie.....grab you some needles and yarn girl!!!!!!!! LOL!!!

Amidst all the conversation we discovered that Camille and Holly live on the same street, only a few houses from each other!! It is indeed a small world!!!

Holly shared some great stories about herself and her sister....who lives in Seattle, a visit to the Pike Market...some fish tossing...and yarn dyeing as well as visiting some AWESOME yarn shops on her recent visit to Seattle. We also quizzed Holly on her yarn stash ....(she shyly looked down when mentioning she had a plastic tub full of yarn, like it might be too much???) LOL!! we turned her on to KnitPicks...oh yes.....we are enablers of the best kind!!! LOL!!! NEVER, NEVER can a knitter have too much yarn in her stash Holly.....

In fact, here is a pic of just my BMF sock yarn....doesn't look too impressive but I have 30 hanks of yarn carmmed in this basket-o-bliss!!!

What a joy it was to have Holly join us and I am looking forward to next week!!!

We also have several other girls that don't live as close as Holly does that plan to visit us from time to time this year.....Suzanne who lives in Bessemer and Denise who lives close to Trussville, whom I met on Ravelry. Bibby invited a girl from her ENT's office too!!! knitters in the mix!!

Missed everyone that wasn't able to attend and hope to see everyone next week!!!!


At 12:19 PM, Blogger ginger said...

I hate I missed it - and I can't wait to meet Holly!

At 4:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 6:01 PM, Blogger Cindy said...

Great post! And yes Holly will be co-rupted before long. LOL!


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