Friday, October 27, 2006

A HUGE thank you to Ginger for our new blog format!!! For those of you that may not know, Ginger is a graphic designer.....doesn't it look AWESOME???

My goal is to get everyone online with the blog. I would like for everyone to post "bragging" pics of what they are working on, what they plan to make, etc., as well as a way to check with others on how projects are progressing, post any questions, tips, etc.

There are a LOT of wonderful websites and blogs for knitting and would like to be able to share as much as we can to keep everyone better in touch when we can't be together to knit!!

Many thanks again Ginger!!!!!!! :) :) :)

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

This weekend, I got a chance to visit Serendipity Needleworks in Tuscaloosa:

I thought it might be fun (and hopefully a good resource) if we sometimes showed what some of our local yarn shops were stocking - and when they've got good sales going on, too - not in any way as an advertisement, but just to be informative and helpful...

See this section of yarn? This is 30% off right now.

This section on the back wall is up to 50% off right now.

Here are some other (non-sale) sections of the shop. I saw lots and lots of Karabella, Crystal Palace, Berroco, Trendsetter, Idena, KFI, Colinette, alpaca yarns, soft baby blanket-type yarn, and lovely sock yarn.

Many of the yarns are grouped by color:

Serendipity is at 2113 University Blvd #B in Tuscaloosa, and their phone is 205.758.0108.

Who wants to report back on another of our LYS?

Friday, October 20, 2006

Chicks with Sticks met last night and Bibby brought her GREAT shawl/shrug that she has been working on and recently completed!!! Bibby's sister gave her a lot of vintage buttons and the one Bibby chose is absolutely PERFECT!!!

Of course we all want to be "copycats" and most likely will be sporting our OWN Bibby Shawl at some point in the future.....hmmm....may need to have a fashion show!! LOL!!

We were SUPPOSED to bring our "scariest" knitting project and seems Ginger was the only one that brought something!! (I have GOT to bring my purple "thang" to show the girls....even though it is more funny than scary!!) LOL!!! Ginger brought her scary scarf that Stuart is modeling for us......even thought we didn't think it was scary.....we liked it!!!!

Bibby is also working on felted bags/purses/clutches!! Much discussion took place as to what the bags should be called! Bibby made one buttonhole using a contrasting thread to stitch a backwards B and a regular B.....short for Bibby's Bags maybe????

There were many sizes and styles, most with vintage buttons. Bibby is going to put long straps on some to wear as a shoulder type bag.....would show more pics but we pretty much scooped up what she brought!! LOL!!

I predict we will be seeing more of Bibby's bags and won't be the least bit surprised to see them in local shops!

Cindy bought the large tote bag.....these felted REALLY thick and would make a GREAT bags for a laptop, etc.

Ginger brought something that I think is one of the coolest things. MOO cards that she had printed....check out her blog for more info! VERY nice, heavy card stock, quality of the pics was incredible!!

Other News: Stuart is working on a scarf and really looks GREAT...he picked out the yarn especially for his cousin to make a Christmas gift for her! Camille is working on her shawl....hopes to have it finished in time for a Christmas party....Ginger, besides being our photographer last night is working on her "tinsel" scarf.....really pretty color with bits of shiny "tinsel" looking yarn mixed in it......Jan, Kay, Cindy and Heather dropped by for a quick visit but were only able to stay for a few minutes. Jan is retiring October 31st.....JEALOUS!!! LOL!!! Bibby and I both worked on socks, Bibby on dpn, me on circs.

Looking forward to the next time we meet!!!!!

Monday, October 16, 2006

I saw these neat knit Fall decorations at Harrison Brothers Hardware in Huntsville - aren't they great!?

...besides using them to fill a basket, I bet they would be really fun if they were filled with dried lavender or potpourri!

I don't know a pattern to make them, but it couldn't be *that* hard, right? :)

Friday, October 06, 2006

It's Pumpkin time.....felted that is!!!! Here is the link for instructions to make your own!

Chicks with Sticks met last night, despite the fact that I didn't take my camera out to document the occasion!!!

Cindy, Bibby and myself were working on socks....hmmmm Cindy...didn't get a picture of that sock!! I WILL remember to actually take my camera out of my bag next time!! Bibby was working on a great sock and is almost to the end.....I believe she said it was Cherry Tree me it was gorgimous......go with a visual here!

Ginger brought two REALLY cute scarves she managed to get made between all her travels.....busy girl!!! But again, I didn't think to bring my camera out to make pictures.....bad, bad!!! Both were knitted with multiple yarns, both using a strand with sequins( which I have not had the opportunity to knit with yet but do happen to have in my stash for a scarf) so I was glad to see what the finished product will look like.....G.R.E.A.T.!!!!!

No knitting for Jan last night......under the gun to get hair bows made for her daughter's fund raiser and they were TOOO Cute!!!! Looked like a lot of work to me!!

Hope to see everyone next time which will be October 19th! Since this will be our last Chicks With Sticks before Halloween I suggest we all bring our "scariest" knitting project to show.....and believe me I have some scary bad knitting......I'm thinking my purple felted purse that was.....well.......pretty scary looking!!!!