Friday, October 06, 2006

It's Pumpkin time.....felted that is!!!! Here is the link for instructions to make your own!

Chicks with Sticks met last night, despite the fact that I didn't take my camera out to document the occasion!!!

Cindy, Bibby and myself were working on socks....hmmmm Cindy...didn't get a picture of that sock!! I WILL remember to actually take my camera out of my bag next time!! Bibby was working on a great sock and is almost to the end.....I believe she said it was Cherry Tree me it was gorgimous......go with a visual here!

Ginger brought two REALLY cute scarves she managed to get made between all her travels.....busy girl!!! But again, I didn't think to bring my camera out to make pictures.....bad, bad!!! Both were knitted with multiple yarns, both using a strand with sequins( which I have not had the opportunity to knit with yet but do happen to have in my stash for a scarf) so I was glad to see what the finished product will look like.....G.R.E.A.T.!!!!!

No knitting for Jan last night......under the gun to get hair bows made for her daughter's fund raiser and they were TOOO Cute!!!! Looked like a lot of work to me!!

Hope to see everyone next time which will be October 19th! Since this will be our last Chicks With Sticks before Halloween I suggest we all bring our "scariest" knitting project to show.....and believe me I have some scary bad knitting......I'm thinking my purple felted purse that was.....well.......pretty scary looking!!!!


At 6:13 PM, Blogger ginger said...

ohmygosh these felted pumpkins are the best!!

Last night was a blast - thanks for including me! I feel so lucky to be in such a sweet group with the very, very best knitters! :)


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