Friday, September 08, 2006

Chicks With Sticks met last night and what a night it was!! Ginger joined our group last night!
(YES this picture WAS taken at the Coffee House......NO I am not drunk....I just appear that way!)

Insert Disclaimer: I promise to take my time when making future pics for our wear my glasses when reviewing and to utilize the DELETE button on those pics that are most unflattering.....but until then I have the following pictures.

Jan brought several of her felted purses.....we sort of got out of hand with them....this is the edited version. Hee! Hee! Even the ladies from the Presbyterian Charity Knitting group got in on the "action"!!

The desert of the night was THIS!!!


The award of the night went to Stuart who learned to knit last night!!! YEA STUART!!!!

Now for a few random pics.....

Bibby works on a really cool purse!!

Exactly how many scarves are too many to wear???

Kristie works on a scarf and it's looking GREAT!! Kristie is a new knitter and doing an AWESOME job.....took me waaaayyy longer to catch on!!

Jan always comes up with great patterns, ideas, etc. The project of the night was her "Las Vegas" scarf. Using her triangle scarf pattern, six different yarns and a dice....yep....a DICE. Each yarn was assigned a number. Jan rolls the dice to see what number she gets and that is the yarn she casts on and knits a few rows with.....then rolls the dice again and casts on the new yarn....SUCH a cute idea!!! I'm not real sure what was going on when she rolled the dice and hollered "jackpot" though!! LOL!!!

I'm sorry I didn't get a better pic of Jan with her scarf.....and managed to completely cut off Camille's head......what can I say.....I am my mothers daughter and she is the queen of cutting off heads! LOL!! I will strive to settle down next time, make better pics to post ladies!!

Looking forward to next time, September 21st!

Jan, I'm sorry I didn't get a better pic of you and your scarf and Camille....sorry I didn't get a full pic of you! :)


At 10:09 AM, Blogger ginger said...

Ah!!! Last night was sooo fun! I want to thank y'all for including me - I can't wait for next time! :)


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