Friday, August 18, 2006

(This is entirely for me)! I forgot to bring my camera...even put it BESIDE my bag so I wouldn't forget it....oh well...I'm blaming it on the demons of stupidity...will do better next time and if I don't I'll go home and get the darn thing!!!!

Chicks With Sticks met last night, although we had a small group we had a good time nevertheless.......imagine that!

I had asked Bibby to bring her BEAUTIFUL cardigan she made as well as Jan's Entrelac bag we have all been holding our breaths to see once felted and they came through in addition to bringing a few other items as well!!! I appreciate so much ya'll bringing your finished projects and if you would Pretty Please bring next time we meet I'll be sure to have my camera ready!!

The snack de jeur seemed to be the mammoth Pistachio Cake which was DIVINE if I do say so myself!!!

Glad to have Stuart back with us last night! He has learned to cast on and was giving a few lessons last night to Lisa.....I'm next!!!!

Since I didn't get pics I'll try to give you a "visual" of what is being worked on.

Jan is working on another felted purse (and in fact had brought another purse she had felted). This bag is a spring green color with various shades of pink POPCORN yarn knitted in!!! I LOVE, LOVE the color combination and can NOT wait to see the finished product.

Bibby is working on a REALLY nice "wrap" me....I can't describe.... you will have to just see the stitches on this is so unique and it is a knit stitch but knitted through the back!! A oatmeal color that will go with absolutely anything you wear it with!

Camille was working on a "warshrag" with a twist. Using an 80 cotton/20 wool blend (think I got those ratio's correct)....rather than the Sugar N Cream....REALLY nice feel to it....Camille, please bring next time so everyone can see!!

Kay (our resident scarf diva) has finished another scarf and was casting on with a very challenging yarn...sort of a ladder with pom pom in between......we're hoping after a few rows it will get easier to knit with....the colorway is in blues/greens and really pretty!!

Lisa was able to make it last night and is working on her scarf....(while planning her next two projects...a baby cap and felting a purse for Miss Emily who joined us last night as's official she's a bonafide knitter now!!!! LOL!!!!

I finished up my "raimie noodles on acid" scarf as I call it and working on finishing a sock.

I do have several things to post in the way of patterns, websites, etc. and will post that as soon as I gather this info....may be a day or two. Lot's of great books and patterns floating around last night....Jan has some GREAT felted purse patterns!! case you are wondering who Ginger is......she is our newest member!!!! Ginger has a GREAT blog.....get a cup of coffee and when you have time go back through her archives.....she will inspire you to travel around Alabama AND cook!!! Her blog started in there is a lot....WELL worth your time to go through!!!! Hope to have Ginger join us next time!!! Looking forward to meeting in person!! You can find Ginger here:

Again, I apologize for being a complete idiot and not bringing my camera last night.....I'll do better I promise!!!

Looking forward to getting everyone signed up so you can all add comments, patterns, etc.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!! Missed everyone that wasn't able to attend!! See you all when we meet again on September 7th!!

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