Monday, September 25, 2006

I'm thinking of a place that is gorgeous in the fall, average day time temperature this time of year is mid 60's in the daytime, low to mid 40's at night. I'm also dreaming of sitting on a porch while knitting and enjoying the view of a harbor, shopping in the local yarn stores, going to lighthouses, walking around enjoying the beautiful leaves, shopping in quaint little shops, sharing a bottle....or two of good wine with friends in the evening while knitting and recounting the events of the day.......I'm thinking of LOBSTER too!!!

Are you guessing New England?? Perhaps MAINE!!??!! Can't you just taste the hot spiced cider and hear the word to every James Taylor song you ever listened to? (For some reason James Taylor is "Fall" music to me!).

Fall 2007 Knitters Retreat, Camden, Maine! If you T.H.I.N.K. you might be interested please let us know as we need to get some kind of idea of how many are going so we can decide on renting a house vs B&B vs hotel. We are looking at possibly the last week of September or first part of October for a long weekend.

Many, many more details to come in the following months!! Once we have a rough estimate of how many will be attending we can get some pricing together for rooms, flights, etc.


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