Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Good Thing/Bad Thing About Knit Night and Location Change

The GOOD thing about meeting on Tuesday night this week is that we didn't have to wait so long from the last Knit Night......The BAD thing is that today isn't FRIDAY!!! LOL!!! I always feel like Thursday night is the jump start for the weekend!!

Despite the deluge of rain we received (and needed)......we were tickled that Wendy and Suzanne made the trek to Trussvegas for knit night!! What is that saying about the post office.......neither rain nor sleet nor gloom of night????? These ladies have the post office beat hands down!!!

We were also tickled to see Denise and Holly.....we weren't sure they would make it......sure glad to see you both!!! (Denise if you need anything while your mother is in the hospital PLEASE let us know)!!!!

All you ladies make Knit Night!!! It is so much fun to be able to meet once a week to "let our hair down" so to speak......oh the conversations and cutting up that takes place!!!

Despite all the crazy conversations there WAS knitting going on....not that I have pictures to PROVE this...(insert mental pictures here). I am having "download" issues.....just gotta love computers!!!

I'll leave you with this image


Beginning next Week we will meet at Matzos Deli weekly.

The plans at this point are to meet through the end of March at which time we will meet with the owners and see if there has been enough in attendance to make it feasible for them to continue to stay open for us.

Matzos needs an average of 15 per week for dinner in order for this to work out.

I hate to put pressure on anyone to buy dinner every week in order to guarantee our night at Matzos. I try to look at it as money well spent to have a comfortable place to knit....that is JUST FOR US!! isn't always convenient to eat out, (as crazy as that sounds, but TRUE).... so PLEASE do not let this keep you from coming to Knit Night!

See everyone next week!!!


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