Friday, February 22, 2008

Another Knit Night and NEWBIES!!

Because I brought my camera, sat it on the table and promptly forgot all about making pictures at Knit Night last night..... I bring you THIS picture.

Now.....if that doesn't give you Spring Fever I don't know what will!! (or panic that swimsuit season is almost here).....I could DIVE in right now!!

I made this picture several years ago...these were the steps leading down to a boat ramp in Cozumel.....and the water truly is as blue as the picture portrays it!!! Just amazing!!!!!

On to knitting news:

We had Ashleigh and Leah joining us for the first time last night!!! What a WONDERFUL addition they are to the group!! You are both ours now of course!!! LOL!!

Ashleigh brought a fantastic scarf out of some Patons soy wool self striping yarn that was INCREDIBLY soft and oh so CUTE!!! (Which I plan on making a picture of it next week). The scarf was crocheted in the cutest alternating semi-circle pattern!!

Leah joined us having come straight from her Flamenco classes, promptly pulled out her knitting and fit right in!!! An INCREDIBLE hat that she created from her own design.....and a scarf to match for a charity auction.....I SO hope the auction isn't before next knit night so I can get a picture!!

A VERY big congratulations to Kristi who recently found out she is pregnant and you know what this means.........BABY KNITTING!!!!! The BEST kind of knitting!!!!! Just so very tickled for you Kristi!!!!!

Sorry for the lack of knitting pictures.........already looking forward to next will be the week that Suzanne and Denise join us....already looking forward to seeing them both as well as those that were unable to attend last night!!!!


At 10:32 AM, Blogger Bibby said...

Great shot!!!
Hate I missed again.....

At 1:00 AM, Blogger Bubblesknits said...

So I wasn't the only one there in spirit! Yeah! Bibby and I are the black sheep. BAAAHHH!


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