Friday, May 02, 2008

New Management

We had only a few Chicks with Sticks last night (Bibby, Darlene, Wendy and Cindy/Annie). We got to meet the new management at Matzo's and they are very nice. They plan to close for a week and do some remodeling. They want to make the place more cozy. They plan to be open at night and they are very excited that we are a regular on Thursday nights. They wanted us to spread the word if we know any other groups that would like to have their group pick a night as we do. So lets help this business as much as we can. It is so wonderful to have a business accommodate our little group. I know folks have kids and their obligation with ball this summer will take up a lot of your time, but we want you to know you are missed and come back as soon as you can. Oh, and the name of the business will be Cobblestone Deli. Cute!


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