Thursday, April 17, 2008

Chicks With Sticks Club House Fund Raiser!!

O.K. Ladies.......we have all dreamed of having our own Chicks With Sticks Official Club House.....where we set the time, the rules, etc. RIGHT??

A bit of fundrasing will be required (unless one of you has been holding out and is secretly wealthy).

Sign up is now open!!

We will be making our OWN version of the "Calendar Girls" calendar using yarn instead tinsel (unless of course Miss December chooses to do so).

Suzanne has signed up for June
Darlene has signed up for October....(I have some LOVELY Sophie's Toes Blazing Foilage Color Way that will be just PERFECT for October)!!!

HURRY.......only need 10 more before we can get started........OH.....and for you spinners........fiber may be substituted for yarn!!

Heeee! Heeee!

See you "chicks" tonight at Matzos!!!!
*Disclaimer.......this picture is NOT members of Chicks With Sticks.......we are WAYYYYYYYY better looking!!!!!


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